Daniela Cardona

Miss CDMX 2021

Smile Design

Our encounter with Daniela Cardona took place in 2021 during a prestigious fashion event. This marked the beginning of an extraordinary transformation journey. Initially, Daniela underwent a teeth whitening procedure that left her completely impressed with the results. She was so thrilled with the outcome that she decided to come back for veneers, further enhancing the radiance of her smile.

Only four months later, Daniela's newfound confidence and dazzling smile played a significant role in her remarkable achievement: she was crowned Miss CDMX 2021. Her journey with us not only transformed her smile but also boosted her self-confidence, leaving her ready to conquer the world with her radiant beauty and captivating charm.

Claudia Gomez

Pro Chef


I met Claudia during her son's implant surgery. Claudia had some dental problems. She already had veneers, but her teeth were moving and she was concerned about eating. I proposed a treatment with All-on-6 dental implants, where we placed 12 implants on 6 screws.

The process lasted 6 months and we performed the surgery under anesthesia in an operating room, ensuring a painless procedure for the patient's comfort. This transformation not only restored her confidence, but also allowed her to savor success in her career as a professional chef. Now, Claudia enjoys every bite without worries and shares her story with a smile that illuminates her path to success.